Bass Lake Area Business Resources

Thank you for your interest in providing services to support the construction activities at the Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit project.  As you can expect, we have received many inquiries and have established the database below for interested businesses to sign-up with services they provide.

PG&E will provide a list of local businesses-who sign up on this website via the form on this page-to the PG&E retrofit construction team and contractors.

Thank you for your interest regarding the potential for construction work on the Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit project. Parsons is working for Pacific Gas and Electric Company and will be handling the subcontracting of work, not completed by PG&E employees.

In late May or early June a list of work that is available for this project will be posted on the Website. Interested parties will have the opportunity to submit an inquiry of interest on available work. At that time, you will be notified of the bidding process if work is bid out in your area of expertise. All bids will be handled in accordance with Contracting Law for bidding on work.

Please continue to check back on this website periodically for updates.
Thank you.

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