Boat Ramp Access During Low Winter Bass Lake Water Levels

Posted on February 16th, 2011

To complete the seismic retrofit at Crane Valley Dam, certain construction activities require Bass Lake to be drawn down to below normal winter levels. PG&E is committed to raise Bass Lake water level during the summer months to 10 feet below normal reservoir levels to maintain summer recreation activities at Bass Lake.  Consequently, PG&E has a limited window of time during the winter and spring months to lower the lake level for seismic retrofit dam construction before water levels are raised in the summer months.

Currently, Bass Lake water level is below normal winter levels allowing for construction activity and balancing anticipated rain and weather impacts on dam construction and hydro power operations. During this time of reduced lake levels, unfortunately boat ramps are out of the water part of the time.

In order to facilitate boat ramp access, PG&E ordered extension ramps and submitted a permit application to extend one boat ramp at Bass Lake ensuring boat ramp use during the winter construction activities.  Upon approval of the permit and arrival of the ramp extensions, PG&E will work quickly to install the ramp extensions and notify the public when boat ramp access is restored.

In the meantime, PG&E will continue to perform critical seismic retrofit construction to reduce the risk of downstream flooding in the North Fork area in the event of a dam breach during a seismic event.