Trucking Activities begin on July 20, 2011

Posted on July 19th, 2011

Construction has been underway during the past four months on the Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit Project. As of today, construction efforts are visible on most areas of the dam. Over the next few weeks, the following additional construction activities will be noticeable in and around Bass Lake:

  1. PG&E is conducting a coring study to verify and document the dam foundation material for the designed dam retrofit. The study is being done from a barge located in the restricted construction area near the dam and will continue through early August.
  2. To facilitate current construction activities on multiple areas of the dam, additional rock material from an outside quarry will be trucked to the construction site to augment rock supplied by the Wishon Quarry.
    Wednesday, July 20, and Thursday, July 21, approximately 18 truck loads per day will be delivered to the dam following an established truck route from CA Hwy 41 to Road 200/N. Fork Road to Road 221/Crane Valley Road and then to Road 222. See below for truck route map.
    Beginning August 1, 2011 and continuing for four (4) weeks, construction activities will require approximately 32 truck loads per day of rock delivered to the dam. These deliveries will only occur Monday through Friday. The truck route will be the same as during July 20 – 21 rock deliveries. See below for truck route map.
    There will be periodic traffic controls on Road 222 as trucks approach the dam construction site.
  3. PG&E is in the process of scheduling a public meeting to provide an overall update on the project.

Please continue to visit this project website for meeting and construction updates and other project information. .

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